Recovery & Life Coaching

Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS)

Suitable for any individual and / or family members dealing with recovery from addiction, the purpose of this therapy is to identifying harmful triggers that could result in lapse or relapse and learning to deal with solution-driven tools and techniques.

I work with clients in a collaborative and accountable manner to understand and challenge faulty, habitual thought patterns and behaviors, and replacing them with improved ways of dealing with potentially difficult situations. 

Red Tent Facilitator

The Red Tent is an international movement attempting to educate women in the sacredness of their femininity and menstrual cycle.

REIKI Master Practitioner 

Reiki is a Japanese modality of holistic healing. Meditation and breathing techniques form part of this modality which promotes mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Meditation Classes

Meditation is about surrendering to awareness and receiving a healthy sense of perception. Allowing your thoughts and emotions to be what they are, and to observe them without judgment. You may find a better and clearer understanding of yourself.

DRIPP Facilitator (to be certified)

Through the pursuit of our pleasure and peace– we begin to adopt the “observer” lens. Stepping back from harsh judgements and criticisms and learning to notice. This practice empowers us to bring compassion for ourselves to the forefront and will lead us to gently change behaviours, relationships, and circumstances that do not serve us. Personal alignment, balance, and peace become our north star, encouraging us to step into our power, seek more joy, and let our radiance shine brightly. This deep act of radical self-love will send healing waves through the cosmos. 

DRIPP is an acronym that stands for:

– Daily Rapture and Inner Peace Practice

– Rapture = the feeling of intense pleasure/ joy

– Peace = freedom from suffering/ chaos/ shame/ guilt

– Pleasure = delighting in our five senses and human experience.

Put those together and you get a practice that centers around the pursuit of our pleasure & joy that will guide our ability to heal and soften and liberate ourselves from suffering.

In DRIPP classes and workshops we create safe spaces to learn and practice the skills and tools to develop and build our own personal practices. We explore the lightning pathway to healing and personal power through embracing our sexuality and sensuality. This personal practice then becomes a mindset and lifestyle. A way you see the world and move about it.

This lifestyle is a pleasure resolution centred around radical self-acceptance and daily holistic nourishment through rituals and practices. A reconnection with our bodies where- in we can tap directly into the wisdom of the universe and become deeply aligned with our purpose and uniqueness. We emphasize collaboration and building community and connections that uplift, heal and celebrate our expansiveness and potential.