Start Saying Yes!



Hi, I’m Shekinah! I am here to guide you into enriching, expanding and deepening your relationship with yourself and others. Through various modalities that have enriched my life, I aim to empower you with life tools that will help you navigate your life consciously and healthily.

“Once the pain of staying the same becomes unbearable, we become willing to change”.

Healing for Your Mind, Body and Soul

Evolving takes courage. We must use this courage as motivation to truly step into feeling good about our choices in life. To not just survive but thrive!

My Journey and Inspiration

I am continuously expanding my own journey in discovering the magic of life through my relationship with myself as well as other people and my environment.

And this is what I want to offer you:

The opportunity to discover and create your path to wholeness and wellness. I want to bless you with the same unique healing modalities that helped me to grow.  

I cannot promise you a better life, that is up to you.
But I can walk this journey with you.

You don’t have to do this alone. I will be right by your side, holding the space for your transformation with love, and in awe of your inherent greatness.

How I work with clients…

I invite you to walk this journey with me and see how it unfolds…

Recovery & Life Coaching

I offer life coaching for any area of a person’s life that requires clarity and direction. I specialise in peer recovery coaching and therapy. 

Astrology & Tarot

 I can assist you, through Astrology and Tarot, to gain insights into your life and guide your dreams and actions into alignment with your life’s purpose.

Creative Expression

When people feel free to move their bodies without judgment, they often get a glimpse of their innermost thoughts and feelings. Let’s dance!

Yoga improves strength

balance and flexibility

whilst helping you to develop muscle tone and improve your breath and your metabolism

Intimacy Coaching

Intimacy Coaching is aimed at guiding people to feel safer, closer, and more connected to themselves as individuals and with their lover or partner. Therapy typically addresses issues around physical and emotional intimacy.

During these sessions, I hold a container for individuals to gain a sense of safety wherein they may learn about – and express their authenticity and sensuality. Intimacy coaching also helps to develop a deeper sense of closeness and comfort, increase emotional awareness, and reveal attachment wounds for healing.